Small Business Help

We specialize in the Self-employed, we can help you determine what you can write-off, what the best structure for your business is, and the types of records you need to keep.

Small Business people, especially new ones, are not always aware of all the business expenses
they can legally deduct on their income tax returns. The tax code allows you or your business,
whether it is a sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, LLC, etc. to deduct “ordinary and
necessary” business expenses. The following is an example of a list of business expenses which
you might overlook that is meant to help you or your business pay the lowest tax possible.
Advertising and Marketing costs
Artwork, decorating, and furnishings for business office
Bad debts from sales/services
Briefcases, organizers, notebooks and office supplies
Computers, office furniture, all business equipment, including business vehicles and computer software
Expenses for business use of your home
Insurance (other than health)
Internet access fees
Legal and Accounting fees
Office Expense
Office supplies
Rent or Lease
Repairs and maintenance
Security systems
Subscriptions for magazines and newspapers
Taxes and licenses
Telephone, Cel phone
Tools used for business
Training (classes taken to keep up to date in your profession or for self-improvement or marketing)
Travel, meals, and entertainment
Union and Professional dues
I hope this helps you find more deductions. It may be time well spent to go over your check book
and credit card bills to find business expenses you might otherwise overlook.